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Lake Trash

Blonde Ale 5%
Our lightest beer. Goes down smooth and easy with a crisp refreshing taste.

16 oz. $5.00
10 oz. $3.25

Mother Blues

Pale Ale 5.8%
Full flavor yet easy drinking. Slight citrus aroma and flavor. Good all-around go to beer.

16 oz. $5.35
10 oz. $3.50

Got A Gig

IPA 6.6%
1984 called and said it tastes great – a true non-conformer to the mega-hop craze, not too much hoppiness, just enough bite to make it count.

16 oz. $5.50
10 oz. $3.50

Badass Rockin

Juicy Hazy Pale Ale 5.8%
In your face citrus aroma and flavor with a hazy appearance to boot. Slight hint of sweetness gives way to a fruity finish.

16 oz. $6.00
10 oz. $4.00

Easy Money

Shandy 4.5%
Very easy drinking. Made with our hand-squeezed lemonade for sipping in winter, gulping in summer.

10 oz. $6.00

BT Justice

Vanilla Porter 6.0%
Vanilla flavor throughout, balanced for a smooth drinking beer with hint of roasty chocolate.

10 oz. $7.00

Double Pumper

Imperial Milk Stout 8.5%
Bold flavor on the front end, with silky smooth finish.

10 oz. $7.00